Fixing a Boulevard

This small project in Budapest was already practically completed earlier this year, but some great new before vs after pictures have just been published.

"Károly körút" before "Károly körút" after

The street is called Károly körút (see in Google Maps), which is a ring road around the historic centre of Pest, exactly where a former city wall used to stand. It is a major artery for road traffic, including still too many through trips (i.e. trips neither originating nor ending in the city centre itself). It is also a tram route, which was almost discarded following a new subway line construction, but now, partly due to the reconstruction project itself, the future of the line seems certain and an extension to North is planned.

During reconstruction, the green area has been increased substantially, traffic lanes were removed (without reducing capacity for cars, as that is limited by the intersections anyway), bicycle lanes were added and some street level pedestrian crossings were added where there were only subway underpasses before.

I am proud of my hometown turning more livable step by small step.

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2 Responses to Fixing a Boulevard

  1. Steven Vance says:

    I love a good road diet. It looks very pretty, too. Glad to see more and wider crosswalks. And did I spot bike lanes in yellow? Excellent.

  2. Yes there bike lanes on the road surface.